It's all about creating joy

It's all about the women wearing the dress


I have always believed in the power of a mood-enhancing dress and experienced joy while wearing it. This dress helps to express who you are. If you find such a dress it's for sure that you want to wear it again and again. You won't care any longer for trends, collections and seasons. This is the power of a perfect dress -  perfect for you it that very moment. To wear that unique dress that makes you feel good and flatters you body is empowering.


It's vital to care about how you feel and experience the joy and the luxury of wearing a handmade dress.

If you have ever experienced the touch of an exquisite fabric against your skin, the drape of a gorgeous material, and how it molds with your body and flatters your figure, you'll never settle for anything less again. You will realize that you rather have fewer dresses in your wardrobe but of beautiful and sustainable quality.

All my dresses are crafted from high-quality materials. These fabrics are produced in traditional manufactories with qualified know-how.

When choosing my gorgeous fabrics in France, Switzerland and Italy, care is needed to select them from companies with sustainable and ecologically responsible production. That includes PFC free finishes and table printing instead of inkjet printing. This procedure needs much less energy and water and the saving of chemicals is almost 50%.


One of the characteristics of a luxury product is its exclusivity and to offer something unique to you. I believe in the beauty of fine craftsmanship. Every dress is created with attention to detail using traditional artisan techniques. Handmade particular dresses meant to last - quality instead of quantity. 

Therefore every dress is produced in a labelled limited-edition series. A maximum 12 dresses of the same design and material combination will ever be crafted individually in my atelier at the French Riviera. Each design is provided with a numbered label: ROBE N° 1/12 - ROBE N° 12/12. 


It's all about the woman who wears the dress. If you choose the dress fulfilling you with joy, it should perfectly fit your body. All STEFANIE SAVARY 12ROBES and ART&COUTURE dresses are timeless, flattering designs that move and flow with your body. 

Every dress is made by hand to order. Therefore it is possible to respond to your individual special request. We could always offer the best solution and adapt every dress as far as possible to your complete satisfaction.

That means, the length and the size of your waist, bust and hip are adjusted to your unique shape. Beside this, you have the possibility to select your favorite design in another color or fabric.


The basics are refined and beautiful craftsmanship and exquisite fabrics. To last, every dress created is with great attention to detail. I'm using traditional artisan couture - techniques and many details sewing with hand stitches.

And with great respect for those artisans who have designed, woven and printed the magnificent, most exquisite fabrics, every design is treated and beautifully crafted by hand according to its own characteristics.  

Most designs are lined with silk or will be delivered with a separate slip dress, which gives you the most sensitive and luxurious feeling. We should care about how we feel and experience the luxury of wearing an individually hand-made dress.


All dresses have a timeless silhouette  -  defined by style, values and conscious consumption instead of passing trends or seasons. Each piece is characterized by lasting quality. Regardless of the season or time of the year, creating these designs is a gentle, continuous and sustainable process. There are no collections and time frames - no beginning and end. It is a fluid and seasonless development. Each dress is available until 12 of its kind have been crafted. 


Every single dress is made to order to ensure that there is no waste. We only produce what is needed. Therefore, it is possible to pay attention to your unique shape and perform a special adjustment right away, such as length for example. 

Your favorite dress will be made and delivered within two weeks of ordering. Your design is handcrafted in my atelier on the French Riviera.

Delivery is worldwide and free of charge.


It's all about a conscious and responsible behavior. It's love and care - for yourself, your life, others and our planet. When you are aware of the circumstances of fabric production, you only want to feel the best possible and sustainable materials on your skin.

Considering the awareness of sustainability, I keep questioning myself and my work constantly and try to develop myself further: How should our dress be made in order to keep it for a long time? To cherish it and to repair it if necessary like our grandmothers did.

This applies not only for my own work, but also during the entire process of discovering and searching my fabrics and all materials for my dresses, labels and packaging, I'm very vigilant and committed to only choose from local companies that also work with a conscious and sustainable work setting.

Sustainability is an attitude.



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„ART&COUTURE“ is based on the idea of converting unique artwork into exclusive dresses. I wanted to translate the feelings that arise from looking at a beautiful and touching painting into a wearable experience.

What is wearable art? It's more than a dress. We feel the art on our skin and blur the boundaries of the art experience. "ART&COUTURE" dresses carry the artist's message and have an energy of their own. The image on the dress comes alive and lives its story on the flowing fabric that gently envelops and accompanies the wearer.

The visual medium is the woman and the dress - expanding the frame of reference and adding to the appreciation of the entire artwork. Expressive colors are the unifying aspect of all the images.They are a testimony to the emotion and joy of life, inspired by the magical Mediterranean light. Colours influence both their wearer and their entire environment. They are a source of energy.

This project is not only about the creation of wearable art dresses, but also about the collaborative feminine project in which each of us participates, helping to create a wonderful whole.

The basis of the realisation is excellent quality. Each dress is lined with silk and made by hand in France with great attention to detail.


I see the dress as a celebration for the senses. It touches the soul and appreciates the very essence of the wearer in her whole being. It is necessary to rethink our current consumer behavior, which brings us no peace, but destruction, mainly that of our environment, as a result. With the "run" for more and more, always something new, we deceive ourselves and lose access to our true essence. Everything that surrounds us has an effect on us, especially what we wear on our skin. Each of these products, which all harbor energy, history, values, quality and beauty for uns as viewers, should be in harmony with our essence. From this, our own story, our being in the here and now, and our future evolution.

We express who we are.

The values and appreciation are redefined. To find fulfillment, we must discover and know our genuine needs ourselves. The best way to find this out is through our emotions. That is why it is so valuable to be guided by them when looking at a work of art. When we integrate the positive emotion associated with this work of art into our lives, this will change. With self-reflection, we can renounce Sisyphus's mass consumption.

Works of art in expressive colors are the unifying aspect of all source images with which I may work so far.

The colors are an expressions of emotions and the joy of life. As a carrier of energy, they always influence their wearer and their entire environment. To translate the lightness and subtlety of the artwork into dresses, I have used mainly 100% silk and created the shapes flowing and playful.

Life is colorful. The art dresses are a tribute to life, joy, beauty and lightness, which is always a part of it. An outstanding aspect of life in the South, which attracts artist from everywhere, is the light and the magic of colors. They are part of daily life. We immerse ourselves in them and are constantly surrounded by them. This is a source of joy, gratitude, inspiration, and a blessing for the soul.


The first step in creating an ART&COUTURE dress is to take the perfect photo that will reproduce the artwork as faithfully as possible. It can be a very involved process. The time of the day, as well as the lighting conditions, have to be taken into account. Color shades appear differently depending on which devices the photos are viewed. With the help of various test prints, I try to get as close as possible to the original. It is taken into account that these are small editions with a limited numbers of meters.

In most cases, when I look at a work of art, I immediately see the dress created from it in front of me. Based on the photo, I draw a plan for the fabric printing. Here I pay great attention to the harmony of the overall impression. How and where can I represent the painting as a whole? How do I use, for example, partiale sections of the image? For instance, with the expressive female faces of Joelle Meissner, it is essential that the face does not repeat in the dress, so as not to create an imbalance.

Therefore, during the development of the fabric print must be taken into account, from which part of the pattern will be the top, sleeves, collar, etc. The name of the painting corresponds to the name of the dress. The title is printed on the hem of the front part. When drawing the plan for the printing, it is also important to me to have a high utilization in the cutting. I try to achieve about 90 - 95% and thus have little fabric waste later. After receiving the first sample to check the colors, the fabric for the entire dress will be printed. A first prototype of the dress is created. The whole process takes about 7 - 8 weeks.

Each dress is made by hand exclusively to order by me in my studio. Individually, as well as the fabric printing, and is made only to order. Attention to sustainability, quality, and longevity is the basis of my work. The basis of the realization is excellent quality. Each dress is lined with silk and crafted with great attention to detail.


I'm so grateful to get to know and to work with so amazing artists. I have had the great pleasure of realizing some of Céline Chourlet's, Joelle Meissner's and Marina's art-works.

The wonderful art of Céline Chourlet, originally from Chamigny en Seine et Marne, is profoundly inspired by Mediterranean life. Her very cheerful and colorful painting is described as a "gorgeous dream". These canvases are an invitation to take the time, in a Mediterranean garden, by the water or in the shade of an umbrella pine. Céline paints theses canvases in acrylic.

Joelle Meissner visualizes and manifests the artwork in her mind's eye; she has long since overcome altered realities as well as perspective pictorial orders and paints clearly and uncompromisingly. She assembles contoured figures, shapes and colors according to her own rules. Her colorful, expressive and feminine art-work should communicate with the viewer and challenge him to think the painting further. Raised in Berlin, Joelle is half French and half Italian and she now works and lives mainly in Nice.

Marina is primarily known as the designer and sculptor of the famous and joyful "Les musiciennes". These graceful and entertaining sculptures can be admired at many places at the Côte d'Azur. Enthusiastic about her wonderful sculptures, I was very pleased to discover her rare paintings. „Le Pavot“ are the poppies, in original size, which Marina's mother brought with her from the neighbours garden. Marina, originally from Georgia, where she worked as a successful writer, now resides between Paris, Germany and the Côte d’Azur.

Lesego Seoketsa is a young artist from Johannesburg. She was invited by "Makwande Art Residency"- Mandelieu as part of a program to support artists from Africa. Lesego emanates a strong charisma reflected in her expressive and powerful artworks full of vibrant colors. During her stay at the Côte d'Azur, beautiful works full of energy have been created. Her paintings reflect her impressions and tell a powerful story.


July 2021

Les amies de la Villa Rothschild - Villa Rothschild - Saint Jean Cap Ferrat - France

February 2022

Exclusive Art Event - Nizza - France

April 2022

L'art Nocturne - Cannes - France

ART&COUTURE - Galerie Joelle Meissner - Nizza - France

May 2022 

Film Festival Cannes - Hotel "Le Gray d'Albion" - Cannes - France

June 2022

ART&COUTURE - Galerie Joelle Meissner - Nizza - France

September 2022

ART&COUTURE - Galerie Joelle Meissner - Nizza - France

December 2022

ART&COUTURE Exhibition - Makwande Benefit Gala - Mandelieu - France

October 2023

ART&COUTURE Solo Exhibition - LM Studio - during the "Festival de la mode" - Hyères - France

November 2023

ART&COUTURE - Art Angels Côte d'Azur - Mandelieu - France


Since my early childhood, I have had a passion for fabrics, colors, and the light of the south. 

My mother, a dressmaker, sewed all the clothes for my sister and me. She taught us to value them and take good care of them. In doing so, she saw an early understanding of enduring quality and craftsmanship.

Stefanie Savary

From the age of twelve I started to sew my own clothes and later worked as a designer in the fashion industry. The ruling concept seemed questionable to me many years ago. Collections are devalued after a short time in the constantly repeating clearance sale, only to be replaced by new and very similar models. 

What are our real needs? What are our values?

And how will we change our consumption behavior, not only in relation to ourselves but also in relation to climate change, for which we share responsibility?

It was very close to my heart to go a different way. So I founded my label "Stefanie Savary 12Robes". I create timeless dresses from high-quality fabrics, woven in traditional manufactories in Como, Lyon, and Sankt Gallen. 

Each dress is available no more than 12 times - completely free of a time frame. Each dress is individually handmade to order using traditional techniques. That is slow couture.

The dress is an invention for a long time. It is not about trends and fashion. Quality, style, craftsmanship, and durability are the standards. We are not looking for an object -a dress- but deep inside fulfillment. While wrapped in the noblest materials, the dress provides true pleasure. The shapes never constrict the wearer, but envelop the body in a light, flowing, and playful way.

For every woman, there is a dress that gives her strength and reveals her identity to the viewer. Depending on what we wear, affects who we are. 

In the spring of 2021, I started to expand my work with the ART&COUTURE series. ART&COUTURE is based on the idea of transferring artwork into unique clothes to realize a wearable experience.

Born in Hamburg, I now live and work with my family in a small medieval mountain village in the countryside of the Côte d'Azur. With my work, I support the organization "Coeur de forêt". With every dress made, a new tree will be planted.

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